Would you be upset?

This is mine and my boyfriends first valentines together. We have been dating 6 months. He lives about an hour and a half away. He has been so excited to Valentine’s Day. He insisted on driving down after work so we could go to dinner and spend our first valentine’s together. (He also feel bad because he’s being deployed in July for a year so he won’t be here next valentine’s) he called me about an hour ago to tell me he has to cancel because his parents are renovating their house and he has to bring the new vanity upstairs... his parents feel bad about even asking him. I don’t really understand why this is going to be an all day thing? He gets off work at 3 at the latest... it should take less than an hour to carry the thing upstairs with his two other friends and thats that. I’m just a little disappointed. Valentine’s Day wasn’t a big deal with me but I kinda got excited to spend it with a guy I was in love with and now it’s just another year I’m alone. What do y’all think?

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