How Do Awful Men Keep Getting Girlfriends?

My high school boyfriend and I were born with the same heart defect (RARE) it was all so romantic. I got lost in the moment. I never would have even considered dating him if he hadn’t had it.

He seemed so legit, beautiful upper middle class family, nothing could prepare me for what came next.

In the year and a half we dated he: lied about having a girlfriend, faked a hand injury, lied about being a Virgin (which I didn’t care about anyway) was hospitalized for pancreatitis from drinking with his heart meds, moved in with my parents, threatened suicide he ended up in the ER 3 times, arrested for buying a gun, lost his job at the local news station, went skinny dipping with a girl, had three car accidents, made an okcupid account, and was psychiatrically institutionalized.

He now works at Intel and his fiancé is a chemical engineer getting her degree in law. He’s been engaged to every girl he’s dated. He moves on so quickly

I don’t know how he gets these women.


Moreover, why don’t women believe other women when they warn them about a guy? No one warned me, and I wish they had