I think we're in an abusive relationship

Catharine • There are two ways to behave: as if nothing is a miracle...or as if everything is. -Einstein
Me and my uterus. 
All the signs are there. I've been ignoring them but I just can't anymore. The cycle of abuse plays out every single month. First, everything is fine. It's perfect. Idyllic even. But then, it starts to feel ignored. 
It starts telling me what to wear. Who to hang out with. It starts dropping little hints like "hey, I bet babies that were half that guy right there would be cute....who cares if he respects you?"
It puts its own needs before mine. If it's hungry, I'm supposed to eat too. If it's angry, I have to stay home. When it's sick, I have to take it to the doctor. 
And then once a month....
I don't even want to talk about it. The blood. The carnage. Things I can't unsee. 
I'm worried that it might actually be a psychopath. 
That guy was really cute though....