Valentine’s Day, mom or girlfriend? (read first)


I heard this on the radio this morning and I thought it was controversial.

Long story short: Valentine’s day is important to a woman who is considering breaking up with her boyfriend of a few months because he wants them to go (as a tradition) eat dinner with his parents for his mother’s birthday.

Whole story: A woman called in on the radio asking for opinions on whether or not she should LEAVE her 30 year old boyfriend that she’s been dating for a few months because valentine’s day is his mother’s birthday and it’s tradition that he goes and eats dinner with his parents on valentine’s day for his mother’s birthday. She is invited to go to dinner with his parents for his mom’s birthday, but this is their first valentine’s day together and she thinks that he should take her out to dinner by themselves. Her thinking is why can’t he take his mother to brunch or shopping or whatever she wants to do during the day and he go out with just her that night since it’s valentine’s day, also wouldn’t his mom be happy that he has a girlfriend to take out on valentine’s day considering he is 30? (obviously the boyfriend and boyfriend’s mom doesn’t know the girlfriend is thinking this way, this is just a call to a radio station)

what are your thoughts?

my opinion: my grandma’s birthday is actually valentine’s day, though my family doesn’t have any kind of tradition like the guy above has I think that if I were in this woman’s shoes I would be happy going on out to celebrate my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday. I also think it’s stupid to even consider breaking up over this.

1) they’ve only been dating a few months so she doesn’t have to be invited at all, she should be happy that she means enough to

him for him to want to hang out around his parents with her

2) valentine’s day is a made up holiday

3) why isn’t it okay for him to do something special for his girlfriend during the day or after they get dinner with his mom they go get drinks or desert or whatever it is

4) the underlying issue here in my opinion is if you take away the birthday and valentine’s day she’s trying to make him choose between her and his mom, (after only a few months? what does that say about the GF?) honestly I think he should break up with her all things considering

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