MIL Rant

Mrs Gold • TTC Baby #1 💛 I love carbs

I’m upset with my MIL because she did something recently that proves I will never be able to trust her and it really just hurts my heart. Maybe y’all can tell me I’m just being emotional and overreacting.

So my husband and I have been ttc for our first child for several months now, (this will be cycle 6) and we’ve decided to keep this information to ourselves because my parents would not approve. (long story)

His parents know that we want children in the near future, but don’t know that we are actively trying.

We were visiting his mom who had just come back from a vacation visiting distant family. She decides that it’s appropriate to share with us details about hubby’s cousin’s pregnancy and previous miscarriages and then goes on to remind us not to say anything about it to anyone because it’s a secret and the cousin does not want anyone knowing yet.

I don’t even know this woman, but now I know about her personal struggles and her secret miscarriages that no one is supposed to know about! I’m upset that she told me because it means that she’ll think it’s okay to do this sort of thing to me when I tell her that I’m pregnant (not yet but fingers tightly crossed)

I really thought I could trust her and was planning on telling her first (after hubby of course) because I know she will be happy and excited for me. I absolutely cannot have my parents finding out until I’m ready for them to know because they will have lots of negativity at first and I don’t want to deal with it.

I’m sad because I wanted to have a special bonding moment with a motherly figure, and now I can’t have that.