Group text for labor/birth

Emily • 👶 2.21.18

Does all of this sound okay? I want to be more private with info while it is going on and I don't want 100 "Is she here yet??" texts or for my social media obsessed siblings to post she is here before I do, but I also don't want to step on anyone's toes. The first one is when I go into labor, second one is when she is here.

Hey everyone! If you are receiving this text it means that the baby is coming! That being said, if you are receiving this message you are one of our closest loved ones and couldnt wait to share the news with you!

That being said, we havent told anyone other than those on this group chat so please do not on any information to anyone else (posting, texting/calling, etc) unless we specifically ask you to pass along the message to specific people. We know everyone is excited to see the baby, meet the baby and will want to know when she finally arrives, however we have agreed to put our phones on airplane mode until we are ready to announce her delivery so we can have a stress free labor and bond with her without screen time. If we dont get back to you for a little while, trust that everything is okay but things haven't happened yet! We arent ignoring you! We love you all and will message you again when we have news!

Hey everyone! Evelina Sophie-Ann is here! She is ____ lbs and ____ oz and ____inches long! She arrived at ______am/pm and is doing wonderful! If you live nearby, we are ready to have visitors and would love to see you! (Send us a message outside of the group chat so we can make sure it is within visiting hours and wont be too crowded!) If you are a part of the far away family, message us if you want to Skype and you can meet the baby too! Thank you for your support and love, and will see you soon!