Monsters in law


So background my in laws in less than two miles away from us (probably part of the problem).

This all started when my son was born, my amniotic fluid was infected so when he was born I had a 104 fever and he was in destress—they took him to the much to monitor and do antibiotics to make sure the infection wasn’t passed to him. I was the only one who could hold him till he was cleared, my husband had to wait a day, everyone else had to wait till we were cleared to go home. So my MIL had to wait 3 days to hold him...and she flipped out—I’m keeping him from her, we’re being too careful etc etc. So of course I flipped my shit on her for that.

Since then I’ve been not super willing to give him up to her. But she never asks to have him!! Finally a couple days ago (my son is now 5 weeks old) my father in law sits me down and says I’ve her my MIL’s feelings because she expects to be the ONLY person I’m going to call when I need help and though I have twice asked for help while hubby was out of town, I asked my grandma to help once and that set her off.

So now they won’t even talk to me, not that they ever asked before because they wanted me to offer. Instead they ask my Hubby to “convince” me to ask them for help or to visit....

Now maybe I would if they were like amazing grandparents but they aren’t. They believe in letting him just cry it out which we do not practice and they are unwilling to give him up when he’s showing signs of hunger! Even when his stomach is growing and he’s screaming they continue to try to sooth instead of let me feed him.

I’m at my wits end and need some advice on what to do about the situation.

Here’s a picture of my bundle to brighten this post