Really need some help

My husband and I have been under a mass amount of stress. He lost his job. I can lose mine any day due to my boss selling the practice I work in. My father has health problems. The list goes on and on. My husband and I have not been getting along. At all. We are on the verge of splitting. He is currently in a hotel. Things are really bad but I won’t get into them. Lets just say I’m under a lot of emotional abuse lately.

I am very very worried about my baby girl. I’m 22 and 4 days and I don’t know how much more stress I can put us through. Or how to get rid of it. Any tips? I’m in a really bad situation and don’t see any end in sight anytime soon. I’m terrified of losing my first born and it’s not helping any. How much stress can they handle? How can I try to not let it affect me so much, I’ve tried yoga and reading etc but I cannot get my mind off the depression and stress I feel. Thanks.