Update: Husband sleep talks 😂

Does anyone else have a partner who sleep talks 😂😂 my husband cracks me up. He’s never slept good. Being a firefighter he is used to getting up at all hours of the night and RARELY get full nights of sleep since he was 14 and joined as a junior member. Whenever he’s super tired he talks to me in his sleep and I swear I can’t help but die laughing. One night he sat straight up in the bed and said “the biscuits !!!” I said “what?!” And he said “the biscuits in the oven! You need to get them out!!!” And he was legit so concerned about them lol and I said “honey there’s no biscuits in the oven. We don’t even have any” and he stares at me dead serious “well you better go get some” and goes straight back to snoring 😂😂 tonight I was laying here and he leans up and starts looking around so I asked what’s wrong and he said “I’m just looking at all the chairs that’s in here” I laughed at him and he gave me a mean look like why are you laughing at me 😂😂 and I said “sweetie there’s no chairs” and he leans up again and points to our tv and said “there’s one right there”. I told him this was our bedroom and no chairs in here. He said “oh..okay” and I am dying laughing and he just gives me a death stare like he’s mad at me for laughing. Now I’m low key afraid to go to sleep that he will smother me 🤷🏼‍♀️ what hilarious things does your partner do?

My husband also used to sleep walk as a child and he’s started doing things in his sleep in our house lately. It’s almost scary but thankfully I don’t sleep well either and I’m awake 99% of the time when he’s awake. One night he put wood in our fireplace and got the fire back up and going (we heat with wood only) and the next morning he had no knowledge of it whatsoever. I never legit know when he’s awake or asleep. He will seriously argue with me when I try to tell him he’s just sleep talking 🤷🏼‍♀️ he needs to see a sleep doctor for sure 👌

*update 😂 he started LAUGHING and talking about jumping and driving 🤷🏼‍♀️ while trying to the conversation going I “woke him up” and asked if he was asleep and he so no just about asleep.. even though he’s been asleep for 4 hours 😊 omg. He then got up, peed, stumbled back to bed and almost fell off our bed. Am I the worst wife ever for laughing!?!?