Couple questions!


Hi ladies! I have a 1 month old who is gaining weight beautifully, I have a few questions for the pros to ease my mind 😊

When my son nurses he will only nurse on one side for about 15 minutes and he empties that breast. Ive been pumping and freezing whatever side he doesn’t nurse for relief. I started that last week and have about 42 ounces in the freezer.

What are your opinions on this? Does anyone do anything similar or do you switch sides in the middle of feeding?

Also! Hubby and I plan to have a spa day the end of February, now I know I’m going to need to empty my breasts in the 6 hour period we plan to be out. Do you ladies bring your pump and a cooler along? Any tips for pumping in public?

Thank you in advance!!!! ❤️