Help πŸ˜”


I suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year, i had laparoscopic surgery 3/1/2017 and had no tubes removed because the baby was growing on top of my ovary. I also have a history of chlamydia (5 years ago)but no PID. After that i have been trying to conceive but its a little hard because i am in a long distance relationship all though we see each other often. I have tried pre seed, prenatal pills, digital ovulation kits, pre mama fertility blends, and a few home made remedies to help fertility. When i went to the doctor i was told i need to try to conceive for 3 consecutive cycles before they can do any further testing. I had an ultrasound done and they saw simple cyst on my ovaries. Since i have a period every month they say i can still conceive, but i think there is something wrong. I think my tubes might be blocked or partially blocked. I want answers because I have been trying consecutively since december and i get dissapointed every time af shows up. Can anyone help or give me positive thoughts or positive stories ? I am tired of going to the doctor and having no straight answer.