Previously on my account i said i think my boyfriends cheating well the day before Valentine’s Day, i figured out he definitely was AGAIN. I’ve been so hurt from him so i didn’t want to put myself in the position to keep getting hurt so i decided i had to end things with him after 2 years of being together. He wasn’t answering his phone so i called his mom and his phones broken. But apparently he had access to Instagram because the person he cheated on me with, which was his ex texted me saying degrading things and said he didn’t want me. Then she proceeded to explain to me that he’s only with me because he wants sex and I’m close to his patents & he didnt want to get in trouble. I have never cried so hard. She sent pictures and videos of them happy together and kissing and stuff and i completely lost my mind and i have still yet to talk to him. I’m honestly lost. I feel like I’m surrounded by darkness i need help from you guys. What do i do? How do i get over a heart break?