who to choose ?!?

Sooo im a junior in high school and im currently kinda flirting with two guys????? They’re friends and both on the basketball team but one is a senior and the other is a junior, let’s call the junior Abel, so Abel was recently in a relationship and now he’s trying to get with me and I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him, not so much anymore but I don’t know if he really wants me or just a rebound?? And, the senior, let’s call him Josh, so Josh came up to me and invited me on a date, I politely said no because I didn’t know him but he hit me up on Snapchat and he’s a pretty cool guy! I just don’t know if he wants something serious or not🤧🤧 ( ps Abel is on JV and Josh is on Varsity )

**update** okay so responding to the comments, I get you about the bro code but I know they don’t talk about me because at my school, JV and Varsity do not talk like at ALL, they have their own little groups & responding to both the comments, that’s exactly how I feel about Josh! Since he’s a senior who knows how long we’d last 🤦🏻‍♀️)