liver or hiatel hernia


so I am going to see the doctor, but I am trying to figure out myself before I see him what is going on (mainly cause I can't stop thinking about it). I have had both liver problems and hiatel hernia. I am having issues figuring out if its one or another. I have pain and general uncomfortness on my right side extending from my rib cage, reaching around to my back and extending down to my hip (this is all on my right side). It either hurts or is extremely tight, like something is there that shouldn't be. I have occasional heartburn, but that usually occurs when I eat something exceptionally spicy or acidic like ketchup. when my hernia was bad before the surgery, I had heart burn all the time - to the point where I had esphogial ulcers. it's no where near that bad now. I am almost always exceptionally tired now as well. anyone have anything similar happen to them? Please note - I am not asking for medical advice or anything. I'm just really nervous and looking for support.