Husband won’t stop vaping/smoking while ttc


So my husband was recently caught, via his work’s Facebook, smoking months after he told me he quit smoking and vaping. Turns out he bums cigarettes from people now. He asked if he could only vape at work since he has a stressful job and everyone at work smokes on the job. This is true. He’s a paramedic and I know the culture because I’m an Er nurse. Well we go out and get in his car and he starts vaping saying “well I’m not at home”. I just start crying. And he thinks I’m overreacting. We’ve been TTC for a year and a half. I take my temp everyday. Pee on OPKs at least once a day. Workout. Take prenatals. Eat healthy and clean. Measure all my food out. All to better our chances to get pregnant with a healthy baby. I’m constantly at the obgyn getting blood work or tests run and I’m starting clomid next week. And he can’t stop vaping. Even when he’s home.

Am I overreacting?