Am I being too sensitive?


Hi. I am 14 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. I work as a personal assistant/carer for a disabled adult. I work as a team of 5 (including the women I care fors cousin)

She literally hates me, she's bullied me for over last 3 years. But obviously our boss is her auntie. Also as I said the women I care for and my coworkers are cousins so they have the same grandma, who works with us sometimes. She also says nasty things to me.

I have chronic fatigue and also a nerve condition which causes serious and constant pain. Recently I've stopped all my medication due to being pregnant so at the moment sometimes I struggle

Basically I said I was tired the other day and the Nan said to me 'your not going to cope with a baby then are you?! It really upset me

Currently obviously yes I get severely fatigued due to my condition. Also pregnancy is taking it out of me and I'm working 2 part time jobs

She's said things to me in front of both EE granddaughters (but no ones else as she knows they wouldn't find it acceptable) things like 'I don't think your really ill,you do it do see you drs, they're a hit on the side arnt they?


Commented on how much pain killers I used to take and sayings I don't need them and I'm not actually ill

Also just petti likely nasty comments. This women is 80!! Shouldn't she of grown up by now.

I am a sensitive person and it's probably hormones at the moment but it does get me down

What shall I do?