Anybody else have embarrassing stories about getting a pap smear?

Okay so awhile ago, I had to go to the health department for my birth control and they did a Pap smear I had completely forgot that I had to get and I didn’t shower that morning like I usually do with things like this I showered the night before, well i had also put Monistat cream up in me because I thought I was getting a yeast infection so I put some in there before it got worse.

I get to the doctor and completely forgot about the Monistat being in me, she does my pap smear comes back and tells me that she found something odd and is testing my swab or whatever for Chlamydia, guys when I tell you my heart fell out of my ass I’m being serious, I thought my BD cheated on me and I was ready to freaking kill him, she’s telling me they’ll call if it turns out to be serious and all this other stuff, meanwhile I’m trying to mentally calm myself. I get home and for three days patiently wait on the phone call because I didn’t think it could be anything else, then i remember that GOT DAMN MONISTAT CREAM. Once i realized what it really was I thanked Jesus for having a girls back and then I was embarrassed because I didn’t even realize that it was the Monistat earlier.😭😂