Advice please... so im at the gasoline station cleaning the windows of my car next to me is another car with two males one was pumping gas the other was inside, the guy pumping gas had finished way before i was. They stayed there parked until i got into the car they were just staring at me until I turned to face them the guy pumping gas waved at me I didn't wave back just looked forward once more and drove off heading to Walmart. They drove out off the gasoline station and behind my car. THEY FREAKING FOLLOWED ME TO WALMART! They acted stupid around the store ended up purchasing something and paying in the self pay section right behind me. They finished before me walked towards the exit stoped walked towards the fruit section at the front of the store watched me walk towards the exit then followed me out. They went to their car and so did i. They were going to follow me home I know it because dor a while they drove behind me on my route back home. Like what?! That's crazy!