What the heck do I do

Teri-lyn • 24 single mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016

I was on Depo Provera from August 9th. I only did the first dose of the shot. I was due for my second shot on November 9th but was told not to continue with the shot as I was having abnormal bleeding I bled for 12 days the first time and and then the second cycle I bled form October 15th to December 2 had litterly one second of spotting on December 18th nothing since other then. Egg white cervixal mucus today I took two blue dye pregnacey test and one pink dye test both blue dye test are faint positive and the 7-11 test pink dye is negitive. I havnt had a normal cycle in months. I honestly don’t know what to do or think. The lines showed up within 3-4 mins. I have been saying for months and months that somthing was wrong but kept getting negative test after test and blood test 😣😨😰