So my cycles last 29 days and my periods last 4 days. The app says I ovulated a week ago but when I was checking my temperature, I had a tiny spike on the 7th of February. Not a huge spike but I went from 97.4 to 98°.5. The day after my temp went up I had bleeding. Super quick, gone in one wipe, bleeding. After that day I have had 97°s. Now I am a week till my period and my nipples are sore, cramping and pain in my upper right stomach area, I felt nauseous yesterday and ended up puking in the bathroom of a restaurant I was eating lunch at. I checked my temperature today and it was back in the 98s.

What do you think? Did I ovulate on the 7th or when the app says. Also would these symptoms be pregnancy symptoms or too early? I haven’t taken a pregnancy test because I feel like it’s too early. Advice and/or opinions! Thanks in advance! ❤️