Friends Or Peace Of Mind?

In This Pic I Look Calm && At Peace.💆🏾‍♀️IM NOT!!! Ive Had A Rouughhh Month. 😭Stressful && Confusing. Im Trying To Find Peace In My Life Because It Is Healthier && I Feel Better. But The More Peace I Find The Less Friends I Have. I Havent Text My Bestfriend In Weeks. But To Be fair im Waiting on Him To Text Me Back.😅My Female Bestfriend Has Disappeared Also && Im Now Not Speaking To My Bf Of 3 Yrs. the Clearer I Try To Get My Mind To Be. The More Im Not Surrounded By The Ones I Love. It Might Not Sound Like A Big Deal But Now I Cant Sleep Havent Slept For 5 Days. I Just Want To Be The Me In This Pic. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Suggestions && Advice are welcome. 🤧😩