Don’t know if im being petty or not

My other half got a lot of money off his mum yesterday for our house deposit, all of sudden he is talking about we will sign prenup just in case anything happens

So it will be equal for everyone, I asked what he means by something happening and he said divorce , well I don’t believe in divorce and he said he didn’t either

But to me this just feels like he doesn’t trust me, which I have never given him any reason too, I have taken his child in as my own when I was 21, because his Mum abandoned him.

So I think I have proven myself to him

Or am I just being overdramatic and should just sign it, since it also protects me meaning we both get equal from the house (if anything did happen)

I was also a bit annoyed due to the fact we was trying for our own baby, and he said we will have to stop till we get the house sorted