Losing hope

Hey guys. So last month was a bad month for me, days before I was die my period I had cramps like I was going to get it and sore breasts and was peeing CONSTANTLY. So I was like yeah maybe AF is coming but part of me was like I have to be pregnant! Anyways AF was 3 days late and showed up on my birthday😩 so this month I’ve kinda became a bit negative towards things, like I’m seeing people having babies and it makes me cry sometimes because I want it so much. I ovulated this month on the 13th or 14th (follow 2 apps) but we bd’d so much sometimes even 2 times a day for a few days and people say you should only bd every other day to make your chances higher. So now here I am 5/6 dpo and feeling like it’s not gunna happen. I’ve eaten so bad this week too due to just been in one of those ‘Fk it’ moods. I really just wanna have our first baby and know how much my husband wants it too. Our business is doing so so well and the only thing we want in life can’t really just be given easily👶🏽 sorry if I’m being a debbie downer. Can anyone give me any advice on what helped you to conceive. I have a drs appointment in 2 days and I’m going to ask them to test my bloods in case there’s something preventing this happening. Tia. Baby dust to all