Boyfriend looking up prositutes


Hey guys I really need some help. My boyfriend, now fiancé, have been together for two years now. I have never met his dad’s side of the family mainly because they live like up to 2 hours away and I’m always working or school but sometimes I feel like he’s embarrassed to introduce me to them. His parents are divorced and they both remarried. His dad cheats on his wife constantly, he meets girls online and meets up with them. He even goes out of the country to meet them and makes up excuses to his wife. He evens shows my boyfriend naked pictures of the girls he has done it with or will do it with, which are waaayy younger than the dad. And that bothers me so much mainly because it shows no respect and that’s not something you show to your kid, but to my boyfriend he says it’s normal. Yesterday I went to my boyfriend’s house and I was using his phone. I went through his browser history and I don’t make a big deal out of porn anymore at least I try not to. But one thing did stood out to me and that was a couple of links to this website called backpage. I didn’t know what it was but you can see the links he clicked from in that page so I clicked on them and were local girls he was looking for even girls from where his dad lives which bothered me because he goes there every weekend or at least multiple times a month. I didn’t know what the website was so I searched up like what it was for and it’s a prostitution page. I don’t have anyone to talk about this with and I don’t know how to confront him because I don’t want to go about it the wrong way.