Miscarriage tests?

Hi, I’m currently miscarrying my second pregnancy in 6 months and my ob hasn’t brought me in to see me...

is this normal?

All they had me do was confirm pregnancy with blood test, then do a follow up blood test to watch hcg drop to 0...

I feel like the nurses were so cold and don’t even give me further direction. I called yesterday for my results after they told me nurse would call...the nurse never did....and they acted like I was being so impatient.

This is my second miscarriage in 6 months and I’m feeling very concerned and yet I feel like my doctors office couldn’t care less.

I’m just wondering if there should be any additional testing being done WHILE I’m actually miscarrying??

Basically I want to find another doctor but I don’t want that doctor to say “oh well you should’ve done x,y,z testing when you were miscarrying...now we’ll never know.” Ughhhhhhhh so frustrated.