Pregnant and alone


Sooo me and my boyfriend were together for a year and a half. We had broken up a few times but got back together shortly after.

I recently found out I was pregnant around a month ago and me and my boyfriend were so excited especially since I had a miscarriage in August.

So fast forward two weeks after getting a positive pregnancy test.. I was extremely sick with the flu and so was he. An older male co worker of mine called me not knowing I wasn’t in work (I am the assistant property manager of an apartment complex so my job requires me to keep in contact with the maintenance supervisor throughout the day) I told him I was sick with the flu and he replied “feel better babe” not in a sexual way at all he’s married and he’s deffinetly not my type lol. Well my boyfriend heard that and he immediately started accusing me of cheating on him which I would never ever do. I responded with “no why would I do that I’m pregnant with your baby” he took it upon himself to call my maintenance guy and threaten him. Now this is interfering with my job and I got really upset. I packed a bag and said I needed a break.

My first prenatal checkup was coming up that week also so I figured he would reach out to me to come with me to the appointment.... never did. I tried to talk to him and he started calling me a whore and a lot of other unnecessary names and then told me to get an abortion.. which i refused to do.

Now here I am 3 weeks later still haven’t talked to him and he was very clear that he wants nothing to do with me.

I’m literally so hurt and heartbroken and pregnant!!!! I tried reaching out to his mom about it and she said “Atleast you have your mom there to help” wtf is that supposed to mean?? I don’t know what to do I don’t know if I should give up on my relationship or try for the sake of having a family for my baby...

I just need some advice that will help me think clearly. Please anybody just give me some words of wisdom. Something to get me out of this rut. Was it wrong of me to get upset that he called the maintenance guy???