Panic attacks


They are going to haunt me this week. I’ve had 2 miscarriages. A blighted ovum and a chemical. Today AF was due but I got my positive test on Monday and a much darker line this morning. So happy! Until I felt some minor cramping later today. I am practicing mind over matter like crazy telling my self to breathe and calm down Nothing is wrong, there is no bleeding. But dammit I’m not going in for blood work until Monday with a follow up Wednesday and I’m just oh so worried I won’t make it.

My forehead is HOT, which tells me progesterone is doing its thing but I’m still a nervous wreck of a stressed out biology teacher. I’m on my feet all day today and tomorrow and I just want to make it to the weekend so I can lie down and calm down. Anyone have any calming tips for a fearful 4weeker who’s been traumatized a few too many times???

Yay for line progression