Advice needed!!!

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Hey ladies 👋🏻

I️ know we’re all on the same boat but I️ need some help! I️ went to my 38 week appointment today (I’m 38 weeks & 2 days) and I’m still 1 cm. I’ve been 1 cm. for a month! 😣 BUT my dr. said I’m 25% effaced, which is new news (yay!). Well, he told me to start nipple stimulation to try to get contractions going so I️ can dilate. This is my first baby and I️ REALLY don’t want baby boy to be late and I️ don’t want to have to be induced. So, please tell me some other things that have worked for you or seem to working to help you progress! Thanks 💕

P.s. I️ know baby will come when he’s ready.. I️ just want to help my cervix soften and dilate!