So I need some help..


I just experienced a type of “lighting crotch” pain that ive never felt before. Im laying in bed and I feel a sharp pain in my urethra area. Like the inside front part of my vagina. It wasn’t at all like the typical lighting vaginal pain I’ve felt. It wasn’t excruciating but it made me catch my breath. It came in very short spurts and stopped completely after 5 minutes. I’m not too worried but I tried googling this similar feeling and I was able to find similar stories but the women were ALL very far along. Like 30 weeks and up. I am 6 weeks!! The pain is kind of similar to a UTI. I don’t think I have a UTI because I don’t have the urgency to pee and I’ve had a few UTIs. I know exactly what they feel like. What do you guys think??