20 month old night waking?


Anyone else’s 18-22 month old suddenly waking in the middle of the night? My son has always been a very good sleeper and averages 12 hours a night 8pm to 8am. Now he is suddenly waking in the middle of the night and fighting going back to sleep. He was up from 2am to 5am this morning before he finally fell asleep again. I tried bringing him into bed with me, but that just woke him up even further and he sat up looking at everything. I think the best thing is to leave him in his bed (still in a crib) and stay with him as long as he’s upset but keep laying him down and encouraging him to go back to sleep. It’s just so hard when he keeps standing up and either throwing his lovey (necessary for him to sleep) to make me get it or asking me to pick him up. Ugh, I’m 26 weeks pregnant and having trouble sleeping myself so I really hope this is a quick phase that resolves itself soon!