I quit NuvaRing!


So....where do I start...

I have suffered from hormonal imbalance my entire life. I had endo, but after surgery and a lot of lifestyle changes it seems to have gone away. I have been on various hormonal contraceptives because none seems to fit. I will not bore u with the details of my 9 year suffering, just know I am sick and tired of this!

So I thought about this for a long time and after telling my gyn that i haven't had sex or any desire for sexual action and a bunch of other unpleasant stuff since I started using the NuvaRing (over a year now), he told me to stop using it and wait 8 weeks to see how my body will react. I have been using hormonal contraceptives since I was 14 years old (9 years of changing from one to another without pausing), so I am kind of nervous.

Today is the first day of not using it after my period...and my uterus is not amused 😂 got cramps and spotting.

Let me know what u think 💭 and if u have experiences with this issues.