Pcos: the struggle


Just when I thought my cycles were finally regulating that the medication was working PCOS decided it would be fun to throw me for a loop... 8/9 days late with only bfns as a result.

We leave in a week for spring break to Florida I do not want AF to show her ugly face while I'm there. Really I don't want her to show because I am beyond ready for my rainbow after the storm.

I miscarried march 6 2017 and it has been a roller coaster.

My son will be 14 in July and has wanted to be a big brother his whole life. He is the best I keep all the neighborhood little ones and they love him.

The love of my life has no biological children of his own and stepped in to be my son's father 5 years ago. He is amazing with him.

I am blessed beyond measure and don't like complaining because I know that. BUT this PCOS sucks.

Sorry for the long post just all in my feelings today.

Praying you all the best in your TTC journey ❤️