33 weeks pregnant and having a difficult time with SO

I am 33 weeks along and my boyfriend pretty much acts like I'm not even pregnant and barely shows me any respect.. He gets done with work at 5, but is rarely home before 7. If I ask him why he can't just come home after work, he starts getting defensive, stating that I have no idea how hard he works and what he has to put up with and turns it into what I do and don't do, basically all but answering the question. I work later than him 2 nights a week and he seems to just see it as the perfect opportunity to go to the bar and get hammered. He was supposed to finish working on the nursery tonight so that tomorrow after the baby shower we can start putting things together, but instead he went out for drinks. When I got home, I saw that we got a package from his aunt and asked if he let her know - she specifically asked us to let her know when it arrived - and he said he hadn't. So I messaged her letting her know and 5 minutes later, he is throwing things, slamming doors, and called me a "fucking asshole." I'm starting to get seriously worried about raising a child with someone who has such a temper. I'm just about at my wit's end. I can't be treated this way, but I don't know how to talk to him about it if all he does is get mad and explode on me.