A Little Disappointed

I never post on here but today I feel really compelled to. I started having regular cycles very early in life. I have been having a period since I was 9 years old. And in those 23 years I have literally never missed a period. We have been TTC for about 3 months now and my period was finally late. In fact, it was 5 days late, so of course I get excited. I've never had a late period, let alone a missed one. So I'm thinking yes!!!! This is it. i took a test after day 2 but it was negative. I still held out hope that maybe it was wrong, especially after my period still hadn't come. So this morning, it did come, and I am devastated. How? After all these years. Never missing, never late and this. Although I am disappointed, I am not discouraged. Sending love and light and a lot of baby dust to those TTC sisters out there.