he's a POS

well I guess this guy I've been seeing got what he wanted out of me and just stopped talking to me. It's been just over two weeks and I was gonna message him today but I go on snapchat and he's at mini golf with another girl with the caption "picture perfect slice😘👌". I'm fuming. This punk says he wanted to date me and we got along just fine and we had sexual chemistry and he "said" he stopped using tinder bc of me blah blah blah (that's how we met). Some things he pressured me into and me being dumb thought if I did these things then he'll stay around. I had been upset for a few weeks cuz I had a strange feeling I was being ghosted but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to be positive. "maybe he's busy" "maybe he doesn't want to talk at the moment" "he's tired (?)" etc. We lived in different cities two hours away but still. Ghosting someone makes them feel like absolute shit and tht's exactly what I feel like. And I'm not tripping over this aspect of it but he was my first for basically everything (I am 18 years old) (virginity, first kiss, "bf) which sucks. I don't regret it but now I feel USED. You're a grown ass man (early 20s) we are too old for ghosting. If u can't communicate "hey this isn't going anywhere" like a decent human being fuck u