🍀✨❤️More Than a 2018 BFP!❤️✨🍀

Megan • We started our baby journey back in 2016. We spent 2 years trying to no avail- broken heart after broken heart lead us to fertility, where we were quickly told that our chances of conceiving naturally were under 2% due to male-factor infertility. But tha

I’m starting this group as a continuation of our beautifully supportive “More Than a *Insert Month Here* Positive!” TTC group. This group has been going for years and we have all been so invested in supporting each other month after month TTC, that it seems a shame to stop there! Let’s continue to rally for each other through morning sickness, miscarriage fears, adorable pregnancy announcements, and ultimately those long-awaited birth announcements!😍🤰👣

I hope we have a bunch of new additions this year!✨✨✨