Taking a break.... we shall see what happened next

Hello ladies!

Hope all of you are doing well on this fabulous Saturday! I just needed to vent at little so here it goes....

I went of birth control in September of 17 when my husband I and decided we were ready to start trying. I know everyone is different and there’s no one answer for everything ( as frustrating as that is) but I also heard that it can take 3-4 months to get the birth control out of your system and for you cycle to return to what it was before birth control. Taking that into consideration I started marking my months just to keep myself sane pretty much. So I didn’t count September at all but I figure my now (March) the birth control should be out of my system and since using cycle tracking apps I have noticed my cycle is pretty much back to normal.

Even though I know that makes sense to me I still couldn’t help but hope that I would be pregnant before this month... we all go through it. That two week wait is a beast! In between taking my prenatal vitamins, using pre seed when it’s time to do the baby dance, trying to loose weight, and be a better me overall this is just taking forever and driving me nuts.

I’m sure we have all heard the “everything happens for a reason” and the infamous saying I’m sick of hearing... “it will happen when you aren’t trying”

With that being said I’ll give it a shot. If I’m not pregnant this month next month I will attempt not trying. I’m not tracking....(well I’ll track af) but other than that I’m listening to my body for signs that it’s time to go. Hopefully it will work some magic for us and at very least take some pressure off.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes! Wish me luck on my step back!

Baby glitter to all!❤️🍼🙏🏽