Single mothers?

Any single mothers with two? Realizing I’m going to be a single mother and I’m pregnant with my second. Same dad, but he wasn’t around much with our son and we weren’t dating (broke up right before i found out i was pregnant). We got back together in September and I’m calling it off now. He’s a complete asshole and idk why i gave him a second chance. I’m so upset bc i was looking forward to having him there throughout my pregnancy and when I’m in labor and raising the new baby together from the start. Not once he/she is 1 for 5 months. I’ve honestly thought about abortion but i can’t do it... I’ve been against abortion for so long and i don’t think I’d ever forgive myself. I’m just scared, being a single mother is hard period. I can’t imagine with two or more. Just wanted some tips or words of wisdom.