So me and my fiance are very intimate. Well we used to be. But after my pastor did a sermon on sex before marriage I felt compelled to stop, so I told him. I told him that I wanted to just wait until we get married and he didn’t take it well at all. After some more thinking I realized that it wasn’t fair for me to just take away our intimacy so quick. It was too quick of a change for me to make, especially without consulting him beforehand. I told him that I was second guessing myself about my decision and that I wanted to go back on it And now he literally wants nothing to do with being intimate at all. It’s been over a month. He won’t respond when I say I miss kissing him, he acts as if I don’t exist when I got a new bra, like nothing. It’s like I’m just a normal person to him. Not his fiancé. I feel disconnected honestly. And I know started it, but how do I fix it? Any time I bring up something as simple as having a dream about him, I feel embarrassed because he just acts as if he doesn’t care. I don’t want to feel stupid for wanting to be intimate with him. Does anyone have any idea?