He's already having another kid

Sorry about the long rant but I need some advice. So some back story, I was with this guy who I was, and unfortunately still am, in love with. We were planning on getting married and raising our daughter together, who I am 26 weeks pregnant with. well when I was only 12-13 weeks pregnant, he decided that she wasn't his and had me pack his stuff and moved out.

Well he got together with this girl who was supposed to be a close friend of mine but who apparently only got close to me to get close to him. well I just found out today that she is pregnant. I'm honestly hurt because he didn't want to step up to be with me during my pregnancy with our child and I'm going to have to go through child support for him to even recognize our daughter as his. I'm honestly hurt, after being told he didn't want to be with anyone but me, that he wanted a family with me, and that he wanted to marry me, he left and refuses to acknowledge our daughter. What can I do to get past this because it's making me upset and depressed, and I know that isn't good for my daughter. Has anyone else dealt with this?