Miscarriage Depression.

Bridget • 4/1/2018 💍, 12/23/2017😇👣, TTC, Plus Size, 23

I lost my baby at 8 weeks, I feel like I shouldn't have the right to be as depressed as I am, I feel unentitled to these emotions because I was only 8 weeks, I didn't even know I was and I lost my baby, but that was my first child, that was the only thing I have been looking forward to since I lost my grandparents. I've wanted to be a mommy since I was 2 that's all I've ever wanted to be. I don't feel like I should be this upset because it's my fault I lost my baby, I had a stress related seizure and fell and I just feel as if I only have myself to blame, and I shouldn't be upset because alot of women have been much further along and knew what they were going to have, felt their baby kick, and some even went through labor yet still never got to meet their child. I'm so sorry for those of you who had this happen, I'm sorry for your lost truly. I hope that one day I get a second chance along with all of you who have had this happen. *baby dust to all TTC* ❤️❤️