I’m out this month


So after a period 6 days late (ps this has never happened, I have had periods 1-2 days early but NEVER late).... I started bleeding today . I’m so confused . I think the cysts on my right ovary may have caused this (they developed beginning of feb for my Ovulation , and gave me a period a day early very light and short 2.5 days compared to 4-5) they were still there and painful in my suspected 8dpo this month (I ovulated from the thee ovary) well I will not go in for an ultrasound to ensure my lining thins back out, cysts are gone and blood work Friday sigghhh this is getting old fast! What do you think the chnac s are that Friday at cycle day 5 if I ask for clomid I’ll get it? I know they give it CD 3 or CD 5 ? I’ll be 36 soon and have been trying 7months ?