Is this sexual harassment?

Okay, this is a little while back and I'm unsure of the whole situation. My brother was 17 at the time and I was 14 (he's turning 18 and I'm 15) okay my brother has nothing to do with this, his friend let's call him Tim, Tim and I had some fun like fooling around a couple times we made out and he fingered me (I allowed this) this happened 3 times, then I got interested in a boy and told Tim we can't do stuff anymore because I'm interested in a guy and he kept being touchy with me like high up my leg and sometimes touched my vagina and like grab my ass at lunch time and after school when I waited with my brother for our ride, I wasn't alone with him and I would tell him numerous times to stop and no and stuff but he continued but after a while stopped because I told a very close friend of mine (he's 19 this year) and he said if he continues touching me he would whoop his ass, so I'm just curious was this sexual harassment because I did allow stuff before? As I said the 3rd time I told him it can't happen anymore and I told him to stop touching me and stuff.