Too much amniotic fluid


I'm 33 weeks +2 days and found out about 10 days ago that I'm measuring a week bigger, so my doctor had me go in for an ultrasound this past Saturday. It turns out that, as of now, I have slightly more amniotic fluid than normal. A deep pocket measurement over 8 cm is considered high, and my deep pocket was 8.2 centimeters. I've been reading about the risks that come along with it and getting nervous. I will get more information from my doctor at my appointment on Friday, but in the meantime I'm just praying for a safe delivery and most importantly, a healthy baby. I passed my glucose screen at 28 weeks, but it was just under the threshold that is needed to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Anybody else that went through this that cares to share their experience with this condition? Did your fluid increase or decrease? Were you induced, and if so, how far long were you? Any labor or birth complications?