Baby daddy drama

I’m starting to stress as I’m only 4.5 weeks away from my due date. I broke up with the father a day before I found out I was expecting due to very intense emotional and verbal abuse. The father is extremely unstable and has a measure 11. He served 6 years in prison and just got off of parole. He hasn’t shown much interest in the baby since I told him, he showed up to two appointments, one of which he was extremely high and almost missed. He has been trying to get me back this entire pregnancy, but as soon as he realized he wasn’t going to, he told me he would no longer be going to appointments and didn’t wish to see me in person. I have tried so hard to involve him in this pregnancy but it always ends in him getting mad that I won’t date him again. He hasn’t bought her anything, got a $4500 check and blew it in a month without getting even a thing of diapers. I just heard from him after over a month, asking what diapers I have chose to use.

I already decided he won’t be on the birth certificate, and I don’t feel comfortable with him being there during the birth, but thought I would notify him right after she’s here. I’m really struggling. I know my daughter deserves both parents but I’m extremely worried about his mental health and I don’t feel like he cares about her, that he’s more interested in trying to be in my life. He has a bad temper and I know he will be extremely mad if I wait until after she’s born to notify him. He said he will fight me to be in her life and I’m afraid if he goes to court, they will give him visitation. But he’s very unstable. Does anyone have any advice?