Finally after 9 months of trying!


I just wanted to share my story just incase it helps someone else.

When we first started trying I downloaded Flo to track my ovulation but after a couple of months with no success I downloaded fertility friend, both apps had my ovulation day as the same so I carried on for a few more months crossing my fingers.

By December I was starting to feel deflated so downloaded Ovia and Glow, I now had 4 apps <a href="">tracking ovulation</a>! All had my ovulation within a day of each other so we carried on.

In January after reading a few stories on here I bought Conceive Plus and a basal thermometer, I was now adding my temperature every morning to all four apps!

Then in February a friend mentioned Natural Cycles that I had never heard of before so thought why not, I already had four why not download a fifth?!

I had read recently that 40% of trouble conceiving was wrong timing. My period is between 25-28 days so complete regular, I visited my GP in February just so see if she could recommend anything but she just told us to keep trying and come back at the year point (and most importantly not stress about it, I mean .. easier said than done right?!)

So I started adding all my previous month's temps into Natural Cycles and my ovulation date was estimated at ONE WEEK LATER than the other four apps! I was so confused, I looked back at the previous month's and ovulation had been predicted 5-7 days after what I had originally thought. I couldnt believe it!

So this cycle, closer to the date of ovulation (and ignoring my other apps) we used Conceive plus and BD every day from 5 days before. The ovulation date changed leading up to it from Saturday, to Sunday, to Tuesday then on the Tuesday it said ovulation had been detected on the Sunday. Great! So we crossed our fingers and prepared for the 2WW.

6DPO I had really weird cramps, not really around the time that I would normally get them so that was a bit strange. 8 DPO I felt really normal, no sore boobs or tiredness which is what I normally have around this time.

So I took a test (I know, super early!)

Just a cheap internet one and although almost impossible to see I could definitely see something! So I took a first response


We can't believe that all this time my ovulation had been so out! We feel so incredibly luckily that finally we got our positive! Sorry for the long post I just hope that this can help someone else!

Wishing you all baby dust x x