Looking for non judgmental friendly advice


So my husband and I have been married for about 3 years. I could say marriage is the hardest thing ever, but it’s worth it. I just feel like my husband needs to work on his communication and not getting upset wtb in certain situations. Example. Yesterday my husband, baby, sister few other cousins were in one car (van) and my brother and a few other cousins were in an suv exploring L.A but baby ended up getting sick so husband and I decided maybe we drive back to San Diego where we’re staying for vacation, my husband calls my brother to switch cars with us since the car he was in was smaller and the car we had was a van and since the rest of the family wanted to finish exploring L.A we were just gonna let them keep the van. So my brother kept telling husband that they couldn’t stop to switch cars that moment cuz there were climbin the road to see the observatory, he just kept so no I don’t think we can meet up so my husband got frustrated and hung up and started saying things like “kids these days just never listen” “and this is why got mom gets upset with you guys” just getting mad and I can tell he was overwhelmed cuz the baby is sick and crying.. I just think my husband needs to learn how to be calm no matter what, thing is he is really good most the time and he’s so good to my family but once in awhile he’ll have these outbursts an I don’t know how to tell him that he cant just act out. When I try he doesn’t think he’s knows the wrong.. or sometimes he’ll apologize and I’m tired of that! I’m so embarrassed cuz he didn’t act right yesterday and I’m just overwhelmed especially cuz baby is sick :(

I also go to see a marriage therapist and she gives me advice but I feel like I’m alone :(