Just wanna share my story! 🌻


Well hello ladies, I'm 18 years old and currently trying to conceive my first child with my boyfriend. Been together 6 months however we've known each other ever since we can remember. Our parents were close friends ana he grew up just down the street from me. He was the "bad boy" where we grew up and I guess I always had a crush on him 🙈

Anyways, after some moving around a failed previous relationship (we both have shitty exs) we decided to hang out more and he started to catch feelings. Long story short we fucked one night and we're now both madly in love and closer than we've ever been❤️

So, according to glow, I should've ovulated on the 12th (8 days ago) and my period isn't due until the 25th. However, I've noticed a lot of unusual "symptoms" lately. Would just like to know if they're normal or if anyone else experienced them then found out they were pregnant?

1. I'm crying alllll the time. I'm super emotional. The littlest things set me off and I just wanna cuddle my SO all the time.

2. Sickness, without being sick. I've noticed I'm feeling super queasy and nasty but im not actually throwing up?

3. I have cramps, horrible cramps! Just on one side mainly.

4. The backache! My lower back kills me. It literally kills me!

If anyone has experienced these before or knows why I feel so shit please feel free to comment, Thankyou!