My boyfriend isn’t affectionate☹️

So after a little bit of relationship advice really if anyone can help...

Me and my partner are expecting a baby together, it wasn’t planned but for me it was a happy accident. Him not so much and he’s just about coming round to the idea.

We have our own place, we moved in this month, my family helped pay for things so we could manage.

Me and my partner don’t really have a sex life any more and he pays me very little attention. He says he loves me but I just don’t feel it. I feel like he’s just a friend. Like I said he wasn’t thrilled about the pregnancy and doesn’t show any interest. I want him to be excited with me, he doesn’t care when the baby’s kicking and says that I can still lift things and I’m being ridiculous half the time using my hormones as an excuse. The other day we had snow and it was really icy, he walked off in front leaving me behind when it was super slippery. He comes to appointments with me and in front of other people like family/ doctors he acts interested.

We have practically no intimacy, we don’t say I love you often, we don’t do anything romantic together, and I don’t think he finds me attractive since I started getting a bump.

I’ve spoken to him about this and he always says I’m over reacting. How do I fix this or do you think maybe its been going on to long?

Just a quick update to say I am extremely affectionate and it is not returned.