vitamins that are helping me!!!


I feel like I need to share this!!!!! I have endo and hashimotos. recently went to my Dr (a month ago) and my thyroid antibodies are high so she suggested selenium (to reduce inflammation). I also started vitamin d (bc bloodwork said I was deficient) and then I have also been mindful of my dairy intake this past month. I am not 100% dairy free, but have been reducing it to help w inflammation related to my thyroid. I started my period yesterday (boo..officially 7 months ttc now) BUT THE MOST AMAZING THING HAPPENED. I HAVENT HAD HORRIBLE PAIN!!!! I have had horrible pain during my period for years. birth control helped me, Dr said probably endo. But now that we are ttc, I have just been living w the pain. I am talking 10/10 pain, shaking, bawling, missing work, limping to the bathroom type of pain. I can't remember a time I didn't have this pain w my period (without the help of birth control) I don't know what is helping. BUT the only things I have changed is.... 1. vitamin d 2. selenium supplement (200 mcg) 3. decreased dairy intake ..... I can't help but think this reduction of pain isn't related to one of those things!!!! I will keep u guys updated bc maybe my period hasn't fully "attacked" me yet. anyone else have similar situatuon?? this is life changing for me. if this is really helping me, wow, it is life changing. wanted to share. I am going to my OBGYN next week to discuss pain management options (made appt a month ago) and I'll have to ask her if this could be helping me!!! I still have a slight cramping and took 2 ibuprofen but it's NOTHING like it was. I was living on 15 ibuprofen a day.